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MyRadar Weather Radar Ad Free is the fastest and most accurate mobile weather app. This application helps users view detailed weather radar of where they live and lets users quickly know the weather for the day or the next few days. The game has a beautiful interface and is easy to use, and this version has been updated with many new features guaranteed to give you a great experience.

Have complete weather data around the world

My Radar contains all essential weather applications’ most comprehensive and detailed information. It will let you know if the weather is raining or sunny that day and give you specific temperature alerts every hour. You can also see which direction the promised rain is falling near your location and how fast or slow it is. In addition, the application also shows a warning level of how long the rain will last and whether it is dangerous.

Not only that, but the application can also display the humidity level during the day and the time of sunset or sunrise with the corresponding hour. The app also includes detailed data overlays overlaid on the map, providing weather information based on visualizations such as B. Wind layers, pressure systems, geological activity, earthquakes, and recent weather changes. All are embodied in their respective borders around the world.

Fast and Accurate Disaster Alerts

  • Perhaps the best feature of this application is the storm warning feature for natural disasters. A hurricane or earthquake is accounted for with detailed data before the notification is sent.
  • In addition, it provides continuous hourly alerts on the direction of the center of movement of the storm or where the storm has passed.
  • At the same time, we work with the National Weather Service to provide users with the most accurate and necessary information.

Track flights and schedules

  • In addition to weather forecasts, Myradar also contains important data about how flights fly directly through the sky, helping users to know the weather and track specific flights.
  • Just a small application, users can track flight plans, display IFR routes on maps, and many other utilities that allow users to discover while traveling and use this useful application. You can also use

What’s New?

This release is primarily a bug fix and performance improvement release!

  • New in 7.70:
  •  Earthquakes layer option to show plates and faults. Layers > Earthquakes (tap on the row).
  •  Additional Tropical Cyclone Activity notification options: Northwest Pacific, South Pacific, North Indian, and South Indian basins.
  • You are now ready to download MyRadar Weather Radar for free. Here are some notes:
  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM or ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.

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Updated Key Features:

We’re quietly “soft-launching” our new road weather feature, RouteCast!

  •  Trip weather along your route
  •  Expected weather along the route based on your time of departure
  • Includes road conditions
  • Future releases will include crosswinds, road, and air temps, delay risks, and more.
  • We’ll be adding LOTS of functionality to this feature over time
  •  Android Auto in development
  •  It will include many features for solo drivers or fleets

MyRadar  Weather forecast by map data v8.48.2 Crack

My Radar is a free application suitable for everyone. Especially suitable for people who work outdoors, plan picnics, or travel. The application comes in handy. Additionally, the application will likely replace TV shows and websites dedicated to weather forecasts, as it provides quick and accurate analysis. Thanks to smart features, you can connect the coordinates of where you live and report detailed weather at any time. The main highlight of this application is its maps.

Keys, Code:




This map shows details from the cities and towns of the United States to the plains and mountains. The map also divides certain borders to make identifying different regions of the same country easier. Smoothly zoom out or in the map, users can monitor the weather anywhere.

How free features are constantly updated

The application also has many great features, such as real-time storm tracking. In addition, it added a lot of new notification data and more professional interfaces, such as B. Probability cones showing the path of the storm center and areas affected by the storm. Body. The application highlights the location of each severe weather area so users can easily identify it before viewing the details.

In addition to the above features, the application is always focused on improving performance and improving many related factors. In The previous version, the video file was displayed only as a GIF of him, but it can be displayed as MP4 in this version. This application also fixes issues with time information or hidden warnings. We’ve fixed the wind icon, improved the user’s location bar, and made many other cool updates.

MyRadar is a free weather forecast application that provides many utilities for all users. With this application, you can have all the data, information about weather and natural disasters at your fingertips and prevent them before it’s too late.